Zimbra Customizations

Zimlets are plug-ins that extend the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, enhancing its features and allowing users to integrate Zimbra with other existing software, without compromising or changing any settings.

WordPower has developed some extremely useful Zimlets that will make Zimbra your trusted partner for your daily tasks.

Power Reminder

How many times have you called your colleagues at the office, asking for a client’s number? Do you have deadlines or appointments that only appear in your agenda, not your email? Wouldn’t it be nice to send a happy birthday SMS to your clients or to have automated and customizable meeting reminders? Has your company introduced a click-to-call system but no centralized address list?

Have you ever forgotten a deadline or a business meeting? Ever thought that a reminder system might help you keep track of your tasks for your business and your clients? Are you looking for a way to increase your profits and limit no-shows?

Power Reminder does all of this and much, much more!

Power Reminder lets you send email or SMS reminders to all of your contacts in Zimbra and allows you to import any address list from the software you are currently using. It is the ultimate way of alerting partners or clients to deadlines, appointments and meetings.

Forget about separate lists, several phone books and that SMS sitting there for weeks. Your all-in-one solution is just a click away!

Power Importer

An Excel database can be useful for small lists that need a quick reference only, but when it contains too much data, that database can quickly turn into a nightmare!

Do you have deadlines and appointments you want to import into Zimbra? Or maybe you want to use Power Reminder but you’re concerned it can’t handle the amount of data you have? Power Importer is your quick and easy solution!

Power Importer can analyze data from any spreadsheet (.xls, .xlsx, .ods) and import it into your Zimbra Agenda in a matter of seconds!