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A fast and reliable email service is a basic requirement for any successful company. Sharing information and knowledge is vital, and the best way to do it is with Zimbra!

Zimbra is an open-source client that manages email, calendars and appointments. As it is cloud-based, users can share their calendars and collaborations both internally and externally. It can be applied to almost any type of business or organization, from small shops to companies, academic institutions and government bodies.

Zimbra is your integrated web experience that will boost productivity through a robust yet intuitive browser-based interface, improving overall efficiency. It also works anywhere and on any device!

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  • Top-quality Web 2.0 client
  • Built-in conversation and tagging
  • Intuitive search-based inbox
  • Cross-platform
  • Offline mode with Zimbra Desktop
  • Mobile and desktop email sync

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  • Advanced web-based calendar
  • Ability to manage multiple calendars
  • Easy sharing
  • Interoperability with MS Exchange
  • Mobile and desktop sync

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  • Faster workload management
  • Share and manage files, documents, folders, contacts and calendars directly through your inbox
  • File sharing for both internal and public groups
  • MS Outlook compatible